Ripple & Tricorne

Two tripod standard lamps in English Ash

During my time at the Sylva Wood School, we went on a visit to a timber yard.   We were selecting Ash and Oak for a project and basically trying not say anything stupid.  One of the other students was buying wood to piggyback onto the delivery and I felt compelled to do the same.  Without much of on idea at the time of purchase, my plank of Ash arrived a couple of weeks later.

Inspiration had come in the meantime and I set about machining up for standard lamps.   Three legs are good for stability and uneven floors.  Hexagons, subtle leg tapers and floating shelves had me dredging around in my secondary school trigonometry.

From a distance they look the same, but have different details.    Ripple is more organic and delicate.   Tricorne is more geometric and grounded.   Let's celebrate English Ash while we can and bring it into our homes.

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