About Us

Living the Dream

In 2019, Pat Mead had an idea about his next career stage.    He wanted it to be practical, physical and creative and also to build on his engineering and commercial background.   

Drawing on a lifelong hobby and passion for woodworking, the path was set.

After attending the professional course at the Sylva Wood School, Pat started the company with a simple aim to make pieces of furniture that would make people smile, every day.

What We Do

At Pat Mead Designs, we believe that furniture should be more than just functionally excellent.   It should also be an expression of your personal style and a way of letting the natural world into your home.  

In products and commissions we are dedicated to designing and building exceptional furniture that enhances the aesthetics of a space but also provides comfort and durability.

 We also take on projects where your cherished item or idea is the centrepiece.   We choose wood to soften the impact of industrial objects and make them feel more organic.    We also love the engineering and aesthetic challenges of bringing together your cherished item and it's wooden host.

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